Ronel is passionate about healthy living, getting outdoors and general lifestyle fitness and health. Runstrong is thus a brand that Ronel can use to incorporate her strengths in he life into one brand and pass it onto others. Not only is Ronel a phenomenal runner and trail runner herself, competing for South Africa at the 2013 World Long Distance Trail Champs, she is also a qualified massage therapist and lynotherapist.

Ronel has also identified that there is a major gap in running and strength training and she is therefore trying to bridge that gap with very focused strength training sessions.

Endurance performance is a product of three physiologic variables: VO2MAX, lactate threshold, and economy. In fact, these three variables explain >70% of variation in endurance performance between individuals. Training can help improve VO2MAX, lactate threshold, and economy, which translates into greater fitness and improved performance. However, once aerobic capacity has been maximized, other variables, such as power, start to become increasingly important to further improve performance.

Thus Runstrong is a package whereby Ronel offers the following services:

  • Massage Therapy
  • Lynotherapy
  • Personal Training
    • Web Based Personal training programs via Training Peaks
    • Group based training in her Gym in Stellenbosch

If you are interested, give Runstrong a try and see where it can help you in your running and also in your life in general.