Active Patch 4U hits South African Soil!

How many of us has been plagued with injuries, muscular niggles, joint pain or something similar that put us out of action for a day, a week or even months? I know I have had many such episodes and that starts the cycle of rest, frequent trips to the chemist for any remedy they might suggest, trying any handouts from concerned friends or running buddies and eventually that inevitable trip to the Physio.

If you read this you may or may not know me. You may or may not know that I have two small kids and I love trailrunning! If you are in the same boat as me you will know what a challenge it is to keep all the balls in the air. If you are not, believe me its not an easy task raising kids, working, keeping your social life going and then also fitting in your training to be able to get your racing career back on track.

Recently my husband and I ran the Pronutro AfricanX 3 day stage race. What an awesome race by the way but that’s not the point now.

We knew we were way under prepared for the race and we didn’t do nearly enough miles but having run it a couple of times before we knew what we were in for and we were confident in our running ability to at least finish and not finish last.

We had an great run but as it always is with a body that hasn’t been prepared properly and then over extended, you end up with niggles after day one and that just gets worse towards the end. Some people’s niggles start before race day even and that is not ideal!

I have been struggling with my left ankle for a while before the race. I knew that it would probably become a problem but didn’t really know what to do about it. I tried a couple of different things but in the end went into Day 1 with one good ankle and one unhappy one. Needless to say, my ankle took some strain and was seriously sore that evening as well as my left knee that also started compensating for my ankle.

Ok, so that was the lead up to where my story should actually start.

Just 3 days before the PAX, we got our first shipment of Active Patch 4U patches from France which my husband and two friends are importing. Only having heard of how well it worked from Landie Greyling who has used it often, I thought I would try it for my ankle. What have I got to loose. All patched up I hobbled off to bed with some serious doubt for the next day. Great to my surprise when my alarm went off the next morning and I stepped out of bed and could stand on my foot without any pain!!! Being a quite a skeptical person, I thought this couldn’t be true and bent my knee expecting the same pain as the night before. Nothing!

I managed the next two days running pain free and was really amazed at the results.

As word of the patches spread through the race village and the consecutive days running took its toll on all the runners people started coming to us to ask about the patches and wanting to try it for all kinds of pain and niggles. Not one person came back saying it didn’t work. Everyone that tried them said it really helped and they could finish the race without pain. That was all the testimony we needed to see that these patches really works.

I have started using them in my sports massage practice and regularly patch people for muscular pain and discomfort. I would really recommend you trying Active Patch 4U for any pain or discomfort you have before going down the road that ends up with the physio. First give your body a chance to heal itself. That is what it was designed to do in the first place.

If you don’t want to listen to me, then at least listen to what the world’s greatest trail runners has to say about Activepatch 4U….


Image of different patches

Here is some more information on Active Patch 4U that might help you understand it better.

Active Patch 4U has a small black membrane on it, it is composed of a mix of more than 20 natural metal oxides such as iron; magnesium; titanium; silicon; manganese and zirconium oxides.

This black membrane works as a mirror that reflects part of the infrared energy produced by the body. The heat producing infrared rays are not reflected. Also there is only an increase of 0,1°C beneath the foam.

Only infrared wavelengths found in the long waves between 4 and 800 micrometers are reflected which is nearly 97%. This energy reflected to the cells has exactly the same wavelengths as  the human body  and therefore the cells can use the energy instantly. This is why a stiff muscle only needs 30 seconds to relax.

You will note an increase in the micro circulation around the patch.

This will help with:

  • Prevention: Applying Active Patch 4U to a known problem area will help strengthen it. It also limits the chance for a recurrence of the problem associated with that area.
  • Comfort: Applying Active Patch 4U will help stimulate and relax the problem area.
  • Post-treatment: Active Patch 4U contributes to a general energetic well-being along with benefiting a specific area. However, our patches are not aimed at treating illness.

If you are still unsure, go and read up on the study done with 110 individuals on the product – click here

If you put a patch directly on the area of discomfort (joint, muscle or ligament), an increase of micro circulation will immediately start up and thus a healing or recovery phase begins. Meanwhile the energy increase on this zone will stimulate local receptors and send the information to your brain. Where the patch is placed there is increased awareness, which will subsequently alter  the body’s balance, its flexibility, or stop limping etc…

So, first we place a patch on the area of discomfort, but also we place patches on the muscles and ligament captors controlling this specific zone, to increase the brain’s consciousness to this part of the body.

Better motor function is displayed, limping disappears and in general you feel physically better and therefore recovery is easier.

Please see the key placement areas on their Self Help Zone!

Enough said – Head on over to their online shop now and place your order!


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