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Strength Training for Trail Runners

If I mention “gym” or “strength training” this is probably the picture that immediately comes to mind. (pic) Don’t worry, most of the running fraternity think so and will be forgiven for it because that is what we have been led to believe for so many years. If you do any gym work you will bulk up and look like Arnold Swartchnegger before you know it!   Would you believe it if I told you Landie can squat about 1.5 times her bodyweight? Here is proof! About 4 months ago I started a trail with Landie, Christiaan and another friend to see how focused strength training would help them in their performance and the results have been amazing. All three of them have noticed big improvements in their climbing ability and overall strength. As we all know, if you can climb, you can win races. So why would Strength training benefit you as a runner: Here is the simple science behind it: Endurance performance is a product of three physiologic variables: VO2MAX, lactate threshold, and economy. In fact, these three variables explain >70% of variation in endurance performance between individuals. Training can help improve VO2MAX, lactate threshold, and economy, which…

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Elite Trail Runners Strength Training

Being a trail runner myself and working as a personal trainer in a small private gym in Stellenbosch with a lot of runners and trail runners, I came to realize there is something most trail runners lack. Running strength! Most of us put in the time and the miles on trails and on the road but we never give strength training a second though. Gym is for those unfortunate people that cant run, right? WRONG! I started up a little gym training group that focuses on running specific strength and functional training and I have been getting amazing feedback from all the athletes. If you want to take your running to the next level you will definitely find some strength training will do just that. Taking it a step further. About 3 months ago I started working with elite trail running superstar couple Landie and Christiaan Greyling and close friend Roelof Feenstra on a experimental phase of super focused strength sessions to see how supplementing their training with specific running focused strength training can benefit their racing. We had just about 12 weeks with the main aim being Otter 2014 for Landie and Christiaan. We worked really hard in the…

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