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How to calculate your Lactate Threshold

We have recently published the training program for the 2016 African X Trail run and we have decided to incorporate a little bit of heart rate (HR) training. A lot of people are fairly new to this but we will try and ease you into it so that you can gain the most out of the 2016 Training Program. What is Lactate Threshold (LT)? The lactate threshold (LT) (or lactate inflection point (LIP) or anaerobic threshold (AT)) is the exercise intensity at which lactate (more specifically, lactic acid) starts to accumulate in the blood stream. The reason for the acidification of the blood at high exercise intensities is two-fold: the high rates of ATP hydrolysis in the muscle release hydrogen ions, as they are co-transported out of the muscle into the blood via the MCT— monocarboxylate transporter, and also bicarbonate stores in the blood begin to be used up. This happens when lactate is produced faster than it can be removed (metabolized) in the muscle. When exercising at or below the LT, any lactate produced by the muscles is removed by the body without it building up. With a higher exercise intensity the lactate level in the blood reaches the…

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