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Balancing your training with Lynotherapy

When you start your training program for a specific race you picked out you have everything neatly planned out. You have the best intentions of sticking 100% to your program and you have lined up 10 buddies to make sure you do, the Real Meal revolution is your bedtime reading material and your local sport store has probably made their yearly targets because of you. So now you have no excuses for not challenging for the top spot on the podium, or do you? If you are not a professional athlete chances are you look over the racing calender for the year and pick out one or a couple of races that fits into your schedule in between your holiday in Mauritius, work trips to Joburg and back, your cousin’s wedding and the yearly boys hunting weekend in De Aar. My point being you do life more serious than you do racing racing. The problem now comes in when your training program is going spot on and you have already dropped 3 kilograms and you are feeling more and more like a professional athlete but as you power up the last little hill on your loop towards home you feel…

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