Fascia Release

Ronel is a trained at Fascia Release and has been practicing for over 3 years now. Ronel uses her skill in fascia release to help all her athletes with both injury prevention and rehabilitation.

The Fascia Release Method consists of the following:

  1. Subjective assessment – the symptoms
  2. Objective assessment – The Bunkie Test and The ROM Tests
  3. Release of ‘locked-short’ fascia
  4. Release of ‘locked-long’ fascia
  5. Activation of the weak lines – Yellow Page Wedges
  6. Conditioning of the neutral body through training.

Since the fascia release method is a dynamic method, athletes are never allowed to rest. Training continues throughout treatment, although within the limits of the weak lines determined by the Bunkie Test. Relief of symptoms occurs almost immediately after the first treatment, since the injury pattern is altered. However, quality training can only  be allowed once the weak lines have had the normal 12 weeks of ‘base training’. During this phase the body adapts to the new neutral pattern of movement which will prevent injuries once  the athlete returns to full training.

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