Online Training Programs

Being a passionate trail/road runner for many years, I often get asked about training and specific training plans towards events. I have thus found a gap for structured training programs designed specifically for specific events. Often my clients just need direction on a daily basis on what to do and not to do. I have thus invested the time and money to become a Training Peaks Coach and together with my husband we can structure your own program to reach your goals. Obviously our focus is on both road and trail running but contact us with your needs and we will see if we can assist.

  • Each program is individually designed to suit each athletes needs, time constraints and goals
  • I work with you to completely customise your training program to suit your current running speed and endurance, together we build these to help you reach your goal.
  • I use Training Peaks to assist my workflow, you will receive a login & password to access your program online.
  • Training Peaks is compatible with most Heart Rate Monitors and GPS devices so uploading of your workout is extremely easy.

Why listen to me?

I have competed in many events ranging from track and field to the World Long Distance Trail Championships (representing South Africa) in Poland late 2013.

Some of my achievements include:

– 23rd in The World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships in Poland

– 4th Cape Town Marathon (3:09)

– In 2010 she was the 2nd Mixed Team African X (with her husband) and in 2013 she finished 1st in the ladies catagory

– 1st Ladies team 2013 Dryland Traverse

– 1st Lady 2012 Mountain Warrior day 1 and day 2

– 1st Lady 2013 Salomon Bastille Day 35km Trail Run

– PB of 36 for a 10km (road running)

Along with my husband, Brett, whom has also competed in everything from the local 5km to marathons to Ironman Austria & South Africa, finishing high up in the PuFfer Trail Run and with 3 Comrades under his belt we offer personalized training programs via Training Peaks.

We both want to further our knowlegde and we have applied for Training Peaks Certification – we will announce when we have completed certain levels.

Runstrong has also developed an online strength training program for runners looking to incorporate some strength training into the programs. The strength training program will take you on a 14 week journey from zero to hero. The best is you can do it in your own gym using the online platform where the program is developed. You can read more here – Strength Training Program

Please contact me for more information on my online training programs and let me help you achieve your goal.