Personal Training

Runstrong offers a private gym setup both one-on-one personal training for people who prefer more individual and private attention and group training sessions where you are able to slot into one of the already active groups. Group sessions are fun, energetic and based on both functional & strength training.

A typical group consists of anything between 4 to 8 individuals.

Some of the advantages of group training include:

  • Fun and energetic
  • You are able to compete/push yourself against fellow group members
  • Have the support of other group members to assist in motivation and performance

Runstrong has the following group classes:

  • Monday – 05:45, 06:30 and 14:00
  • Tuesday –  17:30
  • Wednesday – 17:00
  • Thursday – 14:00
  • Friday – 05:45 and 06:30

* Enquire about the possibility of additional slots!

Runstrong is equiped with everything you need to get going on your road to fitness and strength. Runstrong specialises in functional crossfit-type training with lots of interval based sessions.

Come give us a try and see for yourself!