Zero to Hero strength training program

14 week zero to hero running strength program

It is fast becoming apparent that us as runners need to do more than just run if we want to reach our full running potential. Especially as trail runners we need to be functionally strong for our sport. Not just to beat the next guy up the hill but also to stay niggle and injury free. The stronger your body, the better it will handle the challenges of running trail. From short sprint races where you need to be able to power up hills and be quick over challenging terrain or ultra-distances where your body needs to be strong to keep form and not collapse when you get tired. All of these are reasons we need to be functionally strong.

Runstrong has developed an online 14 week ‘zero to hero’ strength training for runners that want to start incorporating strength training into their running program. This program will take you from novice in the gym and leave you at a place where you are strong and ready for your race.

We work through 4 phases:

  • introduction phase
  • general conditioning phase
  • strength phase
  • taper phase

With links to video clips and carefully selected running specific exercises this program will literally take you from zero to hero in 14 weeks.

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